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Welcome to SCCF!

The Southern Columbia Community Foundation (SCCF) supports Southern Columbia students' academic programs. We are a not-for-profit foundation of alumni and friends, and invite you to join us in creating outstanding experiences for our students at all grade levels. We want to provide new programs, broadened opportunities, and meaningful learning events for Southern Columbia students.

A great education is the best gift we can give to school-aged children, providing opportunities to explore their individual interests and develop their unique abilities. Educational gifts are investments in our students and also in the shared future of our community and country.

Reading Program GrantThe 4th grade teaching staff received a magazine subscription from Storyworks, a monthly publication that provides enrichment stories to the ELA curriculum. 

Stacey Hockenbroch, 4th grade teacher, commented, “The kids are loving having the opportunity to learn from the magazines. They are able to relate to them because they are current topics on their level.  Many of my students have been enjoying the online components in class and at home. I love how motivated and excited they are to learn. 

"We are currently reading a story about pizza and how it became popular in the world! The students seem to get excited when they see that new magazines are delivered to the class. We are certainly very lucky to have received the grant to bring this opportunity to our classrooms!”

To see more about the grants we've provided, see "Grants Awarded."

SCCF Mission Statement

The mission of the Foundation is to create a worldwide community of alumni and friends who will partner with the Southern Columbia Area School District in its continued pursuit of educational excellence through philanthropic donations of money, goods, services, and time.


The Foundation is an independent public charity dedicated to encouraging community-wide participation and philanthropy in order to enhance and enrich educational experiences for all students in the Southern Columbia Area School District and to support teachers in bringing creative ideas to their classes.

Ways to Donate


Mailed Donations
If you would like to mail your donation to us, please make your check payable to SCCF and send it to:
800 Southern Columbia Drive
Catawissa, PA 17820

Alumni Office
You are welcome to stop by our Alumni Office and visit with our Alumni Director and SCCF board member, Mike Yeager, in person to discuss your donation. Please call 570-205-8818 or e-mail him at

Donate at a Foundation or Alumni Event
There are many sponsored events throughout the year where donations are accepted. Check the Foundation "Happenings" tab above for upcoming events and be sure to look for our booth where you attend.

Online donations

SCCF: IRS 501(c)(3)

The Southern Columbia Community Foundation is a tax-exempt, charitable foundation pursuant to the IRS requirements. Visit the IRS website for additional information.

Also see Tax Information for Contributors. Our EIN is 82-0808288.

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